Helping you regain your independence one step at a time.



"When Kelsey was assigned as my physical therapist, I had to use a cane and had home health care. Less than two weeks later, I got rid of the cane and didn't kneed home care anymore!

Kelsey worked on my walking and steps and strengthened my legs. We worked on useful things that I was to use in my daily life. My walking improved tremendously and I was shortly walking without a cane and doing things outside at home again. The exercises she made me do were all applied to useful things that I did before my stroke.

She instilled in me the attitude that I can improve constantly and not to except mediocrity. There’s no limit to what I can do when I apply myself.

Kelsey is very knowledgeable, dedicated and through. Not only is she my physical therapist, I also consider her my friend."

- Dave


"I had a debilitating stroke. The doctors saved my life. Kelsey gave me my life back. I had little hope. My wife brought Kelsey to me in a nursing home. My life changed. I came home and started to improve. She is incredible. I was unable to walk, get out of bed or balance when sitting upright. I am now walking and beginning to care for myself. I continue to improve every week. I have hope. She is providing excellent care and I feel safe. I am thankful to have Kelsey and her team a therapists. My family and I are beyond grateful."

- Joe