Patient Testimonials


"When Kelsey was assigned as my physical therapist, I had to use a cane and had home health care. Less than two weeks later, I got rid of the cane and didn't kneed home care anymore!

Kelsey worked on my walking and steps and strengthened my legs. We worked on useful things that I was to use in my daily life. My walking improved tremendously and I was shortly walking without a cane and doing things outside at home again. The exercises she made me do were all applied to useful things that I did before my stroke.

 She instilled in me the attitude that I can improve constantly and not to except mediocrity. There’s no limit to what I can do when I apply myself.

Kelsey is very knowledgeable, dedicated and through. Not only is she my physical therapist, I also consider her my friend." 


"I had a debilitating stroke. The doctors saved my life. Kelsey gave me my life back. I had little hope. My wife brought Kelsey to me in a nursing home. My life changed. I came home and started to improve. She is incredible. I was unable to walk, get out of bed or balance when sitting upright. I am now walking and beginning to care for myself. I continue to improve every week. I have hope. She is providing excellent care and I feel safe. I am thankful to have Kelsey and her team a therapists. My family and I are beyond grateful." 


"I consider myself lucky to have found this company. Kelsey made things so easy for me from the initial call and continues to do so. Having this service in my home and not having to drive to appointments is a game changer!

Amanda, our PT, is amazing!  She's great with my 15 year old son and he is making great strides of improvement because of her!

If you are in need of any of the services that NeuroAxis provides, call now!"


"I have been to multiple physical therapists, but I have never experienced any as great as Kelsey with Neuroaxis. She has helped me regain control over my life and do things that I haven’t been able to do in years. I owe my health to Kelsey!" 


"The therapists are amazing!  My husband had a stroke a year ago and is doing so much better since we started with NeuroAxis two months ago. He is walking with assistance (which he was not doing at all before), his arm is seeing movement, and even his speech is getting better with many new words. I can’t thank Amanda, Katie and Dina enough."


Kelsey and her team have been a dream to our family. My dad has suffered 2 strokes and many other health issues. Kelsey gives us all hope that he will be back to himself in no time! He is making great strides in therapy!


NeuroAxis therapists are great. They come to my home and adapt exercises and therapy to fit my daily living activities. Further, they challenge me in ways that are so, so different from other PT places. I have already seen my therapy working, after just a few sessions.


Professional, caring, creative therapists who are making a world of difference for my father with Parkinson’s. With the neurology focus, they go above and beyond standard therapy care. I am very happy we found NeuroAxis.


I have had several physical therapists over the years and none of them have really made a difference. I am finding that the NeuroAxis physical therapist is really making a difference for me with having multiple sclerosis they are pushing me to my limits and it feels great!


We utilize NeuroAxis for three different disciplines - Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy. All the therapists are Wonderful, Kind, Caring and Knowledgable. You are more than a patient to them, you become family. Kelsey is truely exceptional in every way. NeuroAxis helps you heal in Mind, Body and Soul. They provide more services than just Therapy. I was so glad that we chose them for my wife's Rehab!!!